Creativity overload

Explore the artists at Kraken Con to view and purchase amazing illustrations and all sorts of handmade crafts!

Indie Artist Description Space
Ali Phelps Original Artwork, Art Prints, Illustrated Short Stories, Bookmarks N13
BUILTFROMSKETCH High quality art prints N18
centimetre art Artwork N15
Chibird Prints of positive, motivational art, Stickers, Charms, Pins, Shirts N11
Cuddly Potatoes cute and cuddly acrylic charms, stickers, postcards, prints, tees, and more! N07
Dream Vale Studios Art prints, Original Artwork, Sketch Commissions N16
Elle Skinner art and zines, a 3 volume fairytale comics anthology set, minicomics, original watercolor paintings, die-cut wood jewelry, and postcards N05
Fracture Comics Comics, Mangas, Shirts, and Art Prints N10
GiGikatz One of a kind art toys and plushies N09
Glenn Song Graphic Novel, Buttons, Bookmarks, Art Prints N14
In Hiatus Studios Paperback anthology, Comics, Postcards, Art Prints, Pins, Bookmarks, Stickers N04
Kaiami Apparel, accessories, zines, prints N17
Kawaii Rabbits shirts, leggings, skirts, enamel pins, acrylic charms, lanyards, and prints! N03
Pennydox face mask, hair mask/conditioner, lip balm, acrylic charms, comics N02
Sheila Wong Stickers, prints, enamel pins, iron-on patches, keychains N08
SketchBeetleArt Prints, lanyards, stationery items [washi tape, sketchbooks N12
Skydestinies Art Prints, Original Manga, Commissions, Bookmarks, Amigurumi N14
Spirafall Art, gifts, stationary, and small misc accessories made by local artisan! N06
Svetlana Chmakova Comics, prints N01
To the Sunnyside Original sweatshirts N06

Artist Description Space
8Bit Bytes perlers, wood pins, hand sewn plush toys, up-cycled comic/manga art A03
Aiishii anime art prints, charms, postcards A24
Art of Keeterz Art Prints, Commissions, Charms, Pins, Stickers A46
Artwork by Christopher Cayco Poster prints of original artwork by Christopher Cayco A33
Aya Hana Prints, Charms, Buttons A15
Burnt Icy Tea Prints, Decal Stickers, Buttons A51
Caitlin Ono Art Prints A27
Casa De Rea Hairbows, charms, amigurumi, kawaii-inspired accessories and fashion A14
Cerelin Creations Fleece beanies, vegan leather chokers A35
Chirofish Poster, Stickers, Postcards, Keychains A52
cirquecarte Prints, Buttons, Stickers, Charms, Zines, Stationery, Commissions A43
Citrus Atelier Original fantasy wands, fuzzy ears, magical bath potions, geek soaps, mermaid slap bracelets and natural minerals A05
Clir Studio One of a kind posters, charms, standees and stickers! A16
ColorSpinner Crafts Crochet amigurumi, stickers, polymer clay charms, small prints A44
complexwish charms, tshirt, prints, acrylic standees, shot glasses A56
Daiaxroses Charms, flower crowns, stickers, pins, prints A21
Daydream Warriors Prints, Buttons, Commisions, Collaboration Books A45
Draconli small prints, charms, stickers, large prints, commissions A36
Duck & Frog Creations 3d Printed Props, 3D Printed Accessories Perler Keychains, Perler portraits, sprites, accessories A59
Ecko Poster, Keychains, Lanyards, Stickers, Pencil pouch, Tote bags, Pins A52
Eiko's Balloons Balloon sculpture by commission A53
Etherelle prints, charms, commissions, standees A04
Fairytale Fox Designs Illustration prints, zipper pouches, vinyl stickers, and more. A11
Foetal prints, charms, pins, etc A22
fuwaffy prints A64
gomooink Charms, prints, pins, zines, stickers A40
Hachimitsu-ink Posters, Commissions, buttons A42
hikarudream Prints, Charms, Handmade Bags, Buttons, T-Shirts, Stickers A49
Hissorihaka Prints, plushies, charms, buttons, pouches, washi tape, stationery A48
HoyceeeAnne Prints; Acrylic Charms; Pins A47
Hyperbooster's Studio Prints and commission A10
itsMengo Prints, Pins, Lanyards, Charms, Pillows A58
K009 Comics prints, buttons, charms A39
kaeryi prints, acrylic charms, acrylic standees, buttons A41
Kiwiburrr Charms, Oppai Mousepads, Prints, Watercolor Commissions, Lanyards A54
kojirumaru prints, plushies, keychains A44
laughingbear Prints, Charms, Stickers, Notebooks, Zines, Washi Tape, Stationery, Enamel Pins A43
Lava alley Buttons, prints, charms, commissions A32
Levi Craig Arts Artwork A09
Linkakami Prints, commissions, art books A55
Little Lunar Rabbit Designs Prints, Pin-back buttons, stickers, bookmarks, apparel, pencil cases, pocket mirrors A18
LMC Mugs, stickers, buttons, prints, and charms A02
mapurl Enamel Pins, Acrylic Charms, Prints, Commissions A34
MED prints, charms, notebooks, and other various stationery A38
Mega Negi vinyl decals, tshirts, buttons A13
Mia Young Art Art prints, buttons, charms, accessories A19
Mimi the Alpaca prints, pins, stickers A48
Mirrankei Needle felting ("felties"), prints, painted fans, pins/badges, commissions, original drawings/paintings A31
moneyshot Charms, Lanyards, Buttons, Prints, Pillows, Totes, Fans, Zines A20
oh no moyase shirts, prints, stickers, keychains, button pins, enamel pin, commissions A01
Paradise Rose Shop cupcake rings, fuzzy dangle star accessories, terrarium rings and necklaces, fairy kei ears, resin jewelry, flower crowns, lace headdresses A28
Peach Mint Prints, buttons, charms, on-site commissions A25
poxei large prints, small prints, buttons, charms, stickers A34
Pyromagma Posters, Commission drawings, bookmarks A42
RainyTeacup Prints, stationary, commissions, charms, buttons A37
ReiDesu Arts Acrylic charms, prints, t-shirts, misc goods A50
Shouyou Sunshine Art prints, stickers, buttons, charms, mini pillows A17
Sinful Trash Acrylic charms, plushies, prints A50
Skylee kay charms, prints, stickers, lanyards, buttons A26
sleepypandie prints, buttons, acrylic cellphone charms, zip pouches/pencil bags, sketchbooks, acrylic stands A41
Sukaaretto prints, stickers A46
Sukyan Posters, small prints, bookmarks, stamps, on-site commissions A62
T1mco Studios Prints, cushions, enamel pins A40
TAXIKUN Cushions, notebooks, shirts, bags, prints, buttons A60
TOFU+BEAST Stickers, zines, comics, illustrations, charms, commissions A57
Unlucky Cloverfield Prints, watercolor and acrylic paintings and commissions, keychains -hand drawn and printed A29
Ven Tianero Art Prints and personal traditional drawings A12
Verasaur Prints, Greeting Cards, Comic Books, Acrylic Charms, Watercolor Commissions A57
waveoftheocean Prints, Acrylic Charms, Buttons, Stickers, Zines A49
Wayward Heart Jewelry Handmade jewelry and accessories A63
WhoathereSara prints, originals, comics, crafts A30
Wizyakuza Artwork done by Ceasar Ian Muyuela A06
Wystars Art prints, charms, buttons, stickers A47
Yojambo Illustration A61
Yum Me Studio zipper bags, pillows, keychains, backpacks A23