Press Applications
Press Applications are open now!

General Press Information

As a member of the press, you are expected to conduct yourself in a professional and courteous manner while attending the convention. Failure to follow the Kraken Con attendee policies, abusing press privileges or performing any other action Kraken Con deems unprofessional may result in revocation of the Press Pass.

If you are granted a Press Pass you must submit all resulting materials (articles, etc) by November 1, 2018. Failure to provide coverage or insufficient coverage may result in future Press Pass applications to be denied. We request that all articles etc be posted within two weeks of the convention’s dates.

Submitting a request for press access does not guarantee that you will receive press access. The total number of Press access badges is limited; as such, it’s possible that your organization will not receive as many Press badges as requested.


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Frequently Asked Questions

We have a very limited amount of passes available for high school and college journalism students. Please note we do request a letter on an official school letterhead or an email from a .edu account from your editor or school supervisor/advisor to outline the intent of the application.
Active blogs will be considered if readership and visitation is strong enough (e.g. low Alexa rank). It is important to include a link to your website when applying. If you do not have a website in addition to social media sites you will not be eligible.
Yes – we encourage press of all types, including photographers, filmmakers, and podcasters to apply.
A Press Pass grants a member of the press access to Fall Kraken Con 2016. You may also be eligible for early/priority seating for some events. Please note interviews with our guests are not guaranteed. Additionally, while members of the press receive a free pass to the convention they must still arrange their own travel, room and board.
Press Passes may be picked up at the VIP desk at Registration in the convention foyer during Registration hours. A photo ID is required for Press Pass pickup.
The deadline to submit your application is September 7th