You can find a wide array of panels at Kraken Con on topics including cosplay, voice acting, fandoms, animation and more!

Panelist Application Information

Panelist submissions are now open! Submit your panel or workshop from June 1 – August 1. The head panelist and co-panelist (if applicable) will each receive a one-day pass for Kraken Con for one panel given and a weekend badge for two panels given. Please contact us if you have any questions!

Visit this link to submit your panel.

Panelist Policies

1. Head Panelist must be at least 18 years old.
2. Panelists must not charge a separate admission/workshop fee and may not sell anything.
3. Any items necessary for the panel (e.g. laptop, pencils, etc) must be provided by the panelist. Kraken Con may be able to provide some limited materials support but all requests must be submitted with the panel application.
4. There is now a maximum limit of 4 presenters per panel.
5. Panels not designated as 18+ must be suitable for all ages – e.g. no adult language or visuals, etc.
6. Panels that are found to contain inappropriate content for their audience (e.g. 18+ material in a general panel) may be immediately terminated and the presenter(s) ejected from the convention.
7. Panelists who are “no-shows” and/or abuse the panelist perks will have subsequent panel applications rejected for a period of at least one year.
8. Panelists who do not check-in to the panels information desk will be presumed as “no-shows.” Panelists must arrive to the panel room within 15 minutes of panel start time or be declared a “no-show.”
9. Panels must end according to the panel schedule and immediately vacate the panel room to allow the next panelist to set up.
10. Kraken Con may change panel location, panel time, or other panel information with little or no notice to presenter. Head Panelist will receive final schedule upon check-in to the panelist desk.